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Financial Services for Women

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Financial Style Matters:

Harris & Harris Wealth’s Key Components of a Tailored Approach to Financial Success






Financial Services for Women HH-Wealth Management


Financial Services for Women HH-Wealth Management


Financial Services for Women HH-Wealth Management

  • Design and construct an overall financial life plan using income and investments as a tool to achieve personal and professional goals
  • Adopt consistent financial habits tailored to your needs that will contribute to and pump up savings
  • Clearly and honestly communicate and customize a couture investment strategy to fit financial and life goals
  • Guide the runway of expectations, spending patterns and behaviors so that emotions are not the driving force of decisions

  • Purposefully craft an asset wardrobe that matches a personalized level of risk, taking full advantage of market volatility
  • Assemble securities to suit the asset wardrobe, taking into account investment type, past performance and economic factors that can influence overall financial return
  • Balance internal costs and fees to maximize purchasing power over time
  • Restyle financial portfolios through rebalancing and redistributing gains

You may ask how do I begin?

Taking the first step can be the hardest. But in order to know where you are going, you have to evaluate where you are now. So go ahead, take the next step.

Financial Planning

Step 1.

The Initial Strategy

This is when I get to know you both personally and financially. I will learn about your current situation so we can choose what will work best for you.
Thus leading to…

Step 2.

Data Gathering &
Compilation Meeting

Here I will ask you to bring all your financial documentation (I’ll give you a list) so I have all the information I need to customize a financial strategy for you,
so I can…

Step 3.

Review & Evaluate

This is not a meeting. I take this time to review what you have shared and develop a strategy. As I put the pieces to the puzzle together, I may call you with additional questions therefore I can…

Step 4.

Develop Recommendations
& Strategies

Step 5.


Step 6.



Our Retainer Details


For investment advice, this is an additional service outside of the retainer. Learn More

Investment Management

Building and Monitoring a Client’s Couture Investment Plan

Too often, investors focus on the short-term outcome when, in fact, it has very little impact on the long-term results of a well-conceived investment strategy and philosophy.

Below are guiding principles that shape our investment decision-making process in times of market turbulence, enabling us to help clients control their emotions and focus on things that truly matter over the long term.

Financial Services for Women HH-Wealth Management

Create a Portfolio

First, we create a portfolio that is diversified based on specific needs and preferred investment types — national and international stocks and bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and large-cap and small-cap funds.

Evaluate & Analyze

In performing our due diligence, we evaluate internal costs, past performance, analyze and compare peer to peer investment vehicles, and assess various money managers’ investment strategies while reviewing the risk-adjusted performance.

Purposeful Investments

We take a more purposeful, less rushed approach when purchasing investments, waiting days until the market is down if necessary, then purchasing at specific prices.

Watch the Markets

Because the markets do fluctuate, we wait a minimum of one year before changing out an investment, as performance and price can be affected.

Implement Auto Control Measures

We implement auto control measures to protect the portfolio during market fluctuations.

Adjust Portfolios Systematically

Do you truly know about the state of your finances?

401(k) Millionairess

Are you on course to becoming a “Well-Heeled” 401(k) Millionairess?

Is your 401(k) as diversified as your impeccable shoe collection?

Are you as confident of your investment selections as you are shopping for the next pair of peep-toed heels?

Is your portfolio pumped-up to achieve your desired lifestyle?

If the answer is NO to any of these questions,
then it is time to make a change today!

Services Include

  • Analysis of current 401(k), TSP, 403(b) or employer’s retirement account
  • Personalized 401(k) Recommendations
  • Assistance with 401(k) Implementation

Financial Services for Women HH-Wealth Management

Compensation Packages

It’s our goal to create a long-term relationship with you to help you through your financial life.

The Finance ‘n Stilettos Teleconference Series

12 Audio Blogs from The Finance ‘n Stilettos Teleconference Series

$9.99 for Unlimited Access

Finance ‘n Stilettos
Financial Strategy Session



  • 90 Minute one-on-one session with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™
  • A detailed assessment of your current financial situation
  • A discussion of your most pressing financial question
  • 60-minute session to review written meeting summary and recommendations
  • An action step that you can take to maximize your current situation
  • (All prices can be adjusted based on the complexity of your specific circumstances.)
  • Salary Negotiation Strategy
    Starts at $1,800 plus 5% of salary increase (Example: $3,300 = $1,800 [salary strategy session]+ $1,500 [5% of $30,000 salary increase])


Based on hourly rate $500/hr.

Financial Strategy Programs

Gold Pump Level – $2,370

($197.50/month for non-active employer retirement management services)

Silver Platform Level – $3,927

$327.25/month for financial planning services

Platinum Slingback Level – $7,173

($597.75/month for workplace wealth and financial planning services)

Red Stilettos Level – $9,999.96

($833,33/month for workplace wealth, financial planning, estate planning and tax planning)

Investment Management

Price based on Assets Under Management

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