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Certified Financial Planner


“My purpose is to educate women about economic and financial empowerment.”

Zaneilia Harris, Certified Financial Planner of Harris & Harris Wealth Management

Zaneilia Harris,
President of H&H Wealth Management Group

My promise to my clients, current and future, is to be a confidant, a strategist, an advocate and an expert source of information to elevate you to your best financial self. I’ll be candid, you’ll be candid and we’ll make progress together.

As you can clearly see, I don’t look like your typical certified financial planner. I’m one of just a few African-American advisors leading wealth management in the Washington, DC, area and part of an even smaller group of African-American women in my field. That makes me stand out but it’s not what makes me unique.

I celebrate who I am—a wife, mother, experienced professional and entrepreneur—because it helps me connect to the needs, hopes and expectations of my clients.

I understand firsthand the challenges that keep professional women from maximizing their full financial potential. I also know it’s possible to turn that around with just one meeting, one change, one decision.

Awards & Recognitions

Named Top 100 Influential Financial Advisors

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Maryland’s Top 100 Women Honoree

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CNBC Digital Financial Advisor Council

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Certified Financial Planner®

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You’re great in your career. Make sure your finances reflect that.

Let’s work to ensure you’re making the right choices to increase your growth potential.

Finance ‘n Stilettos Woman

I work with professional women who are ready to optimize their finances
no matter what stage of their career.

My goal is to make you feel comfortable throughout the process as we develop a relationship based on trust and honest communication. Those qualities are important in any relationship and it’s no different with your certified financial planner.


One of the biggest misconceptions women believe is that you have to make a certain amount of money before you can develop a financial strategy. Actually, it’s more important to just start where you are with what you have. Ask yourself:

As we move through the financial planning process, I hope it quickly becomes apparent that I only work with your best interests at heart. My office is a safe space and a judgment-free zone to build your financial freedom.

Let me help you find your strength and voice about your money.

301-218-0885 | [email protected] | Washington Metro Area